Catching up

20 Apr

Ya ya ya, It’s been nearly 8 months since my last post. My blog turned into just another one of my projects that I pick up and abandon as soon as I find something new. A lot has changed since my last post, so here’s an update!

  • I’ve been working for DoubleDown Interactive (, running their marketing remotely from Brazil since last August. I’ve visited their headquarters in Seattle twice and went on a company paid trip Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with the entire team (75 employees plus their spouses and kids)! The trip was insanely fun, and quite taxing on my liver.


This is a shot from DoubleDown Interactive’s holiday party in Seattle. This is my “sister wife” Lisa and her husband Phil, my coworker.


At the Four Seasons Punta Mita living the life at our company vacation. What a fun group and crazy memories! 🙂

  • We moved into our apartment and managed to get everything completed. It was quite the task given that there were no lights, electricity, floor tiles, or cabinets when we moved in. Now, it’s the modern clean pad we both dreamed of.
  • My parents visited Salvador and Brazil for the very first time! The week they came happened to be rainy and windy but we still had a blast. We rocked out at a Caetano Veloso and Jau concert in Praia do Forte, spent the weekend at Itacimirim, experienced a delicious Brazilian churrascaria at Boi Preto, and toured the entire town. It was so great for them see my new life here! I miss them all the time.


My parents and us at the Caetano Veloso and Jau concert.


My American and Brazilian families.

  • I rang in the New Year dressed in all white on the beach of Guarajuba with Marcos and his family. Right after midnight, I jumped over 7 waves and made a wish (Brazilian tradition to bring good luck the coming year). After that we danced until the sunrise at a huge party near the beach.


Another great year together.


We made it to the morning!


  • I experienced my very first carnaval in Brazil! And wow, what an incredible adventure it was! I spent the first two nights in Salvador attending camarotes (Nana & Salvador). The camarote carnaval experience is a world of it’s own, overlooking the actual street procession and parade. This VIP experience is pricey, costing up to $700USD per night. That said, the camarote is a secure club of your own, full of beautiful people with access to numerous stages, unlimited delicious food, activities, and drinks. For the first few months of the year, Salvador’s main focus is prepping for this massive event. Huge structures are built along the main street, and everyone is scrambling to buy tickets for blocos or camarotes. Preparing your outfit for carnival is a process in and of itself. Both women and men get their shirts professionally cut (each party has a specific shirt for each night that you are required to wear) and women get their hair and makeup done to look their best. After two nights of exhilaration, I was positive I wouldn’t survive for the remaining 4 days. That’s when we jetted off to Rio de Janeiro and continued on with our festivities. Rio’s carnaval is extremely different from Salvador’s. Opposed to the Salvador VIP experience, you get dressed up like it is Halloween drinking cheap beer all day on the street. Rio’s carnaval is reminiscent of Beta Breakers in San Francisco, except the party continues on for 6 whole days. Overall, my experience was more than memorable and I can say it exceeded all of my expectations. It’s true, no party in the world can compare to Carnaval in Brazil.


Night 1 of Carnaval in Salvador with my friend Xenia (who visited from NYC).


Headed to Camarote do Nana.


Night 2 of Carnaval in Salvador inside Camarote Salvador.


Dressed as hula girls (Xenia, me and Ale) on the streets of Leblon in Rio de Janeiro.


At the statue of Christ overlooking all of Rio.

  • Several of my friends visited Salvador! I had a great time catching up and showing them my digs, city, and life.


Me and Xenia in front of Porto do Barra beach in Salvador.


Becca, Megan and I in Pelourinho, Salvador.

  • Marcos, his family, and I visited my house in San Clemente, California. Our families met (and loved each other) and the Peixotos got a glimpse of my childhood. After a few days we all headed to Maui, Hawaii to relax in the sun.


Our second trip to Maui together.


The Peixoto’s and Caverly’s in Maui at the Feast of Lele luau.

The year has now officially begun here in Brazil and we’re back to our busy lives. Every day here gets easier and I am feeling more settled in my home!


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