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Meet Tarzan, our new puppy

14 Sep

On the 27th of July, Blanca (Marcos’ parent’s dog) had 8 babies. The puppies are half Swiss Shepherd and half black Labrador. In total there were 4 brown pups, 2 black pups and 2 white pups. All of them absolutely adorable!

I’ve had so much fun playing with the little guys that it was sad to see them find new homes. But, we’ve decided to keep the biggest and cutest one of them all, Tarzan, who I absolutely fell in love with!

Unfortunately he can’t live in our new apartment, but he will stay at the house of my Sogros.

Tell me he’s not cutest thing you have ever seen!





I got my CPF!

14 Sep

Last week I got my Brazilian social security number, or as they call it here, my CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Física). Why you ask? Because now I can open a bank account, buy property or a car, pay taxes (because clearly the US doesn’t have enough of these), get a cell phone, get a driver’s license, apply for a job, generate credit, and last and most importantly, it makes me officially more Brazilian. I hope I’m asked to provide my CPF, just like I hoped I’d be asked to show my ID when I turned 21.

Not only did I get a bacana (cool) and official certificate, but this may have been one of my proudest moments since I arrived here. I was able to withstand multiple visits to the Receita Federal (1000 times worse than the DMV), speak in Portuguese and understand some of their responses, and complete the process all on my own! Pat on back. It’s amazing how simple tasks here make you feel so accomplished.

I haven’t received my card yet, but here’s what mine will look like! Que legal!