Living the good life (Vivendo a boa vida)

25 Jul

Apologies for the intermittent and scarce amount of posts to my blog. I’m still getting settled in Brazil. I know, I know, I have no excuses considering I’m jobless and I don’t even cook or clean up after myself. But, right now I’m on Brazilian time (notoriously late).

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-We found an apartment in Alphalife! (updates/pictures to come)
-Apartment shopping- cabinets for the whole house, furniture, you name it. We’re working with a completely bare space so this will take a while. But, I foresee a chic, clean, and modern pad.
-Shopping- I now have what is the start of a Brazilian wardrobe and several pair of shorts that manage to make my bottom half look more curvy.
-Conversing (if you can call it that) with the maid Lucia. While it’s more miming than anything, I have managed to successfully tell her what I want to eat or that my room is unlocked and she can clean it. Small wins!
-Underdressing- I still can’t figure out what to wear and when. I should just assume that casual means dressed up (for women only).
-Several (ok, only 2) gym sessions. I’m still trying to understand how people workout without air conditioning with their hair down and where I can find neon spandex pants.
-Job talks. I may not be unemployed for so long after all.
-Watching Novelas (soap operas). They play from 8-10pm every night and everyone here watches them. I’m excited that someday I’ll be able to understand all the passion and yelling.
-Birthday celebrations. It may take me a while to learn the Brazilian birthday song. It’s long and complicated and involves timed clapping (not my forte).
-Lots and lots of relaxing.

…and tomorrow I’m off to France and the Greek Islands!
Tough life, I know.

Here’s a clip of my favorite Novela at the moment, Insensato Coração, showing a peek of the gym scene.


One Response to “Living the good life (Vivendo a boa vida)”

  1. Daily by Morin July 25, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    “…and tomorrow I’m off to France and the Greek Islands!”

    Can we trade lives?? 🙂

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