Apartment hunting

19 Jul

Considering that House Hunters International is one of my favorite TV shows, our hunt to find the perfect apartment in Salvador has been rather enjoyable for me. For Marcos, not so much. Ya, we saw a hideous all green apartment with two dogs, four cats, two huge aquariums, and six parrots, but you have to look at the zoos in order to find “the one”.

We initially thought that we’d prefer to live in the heart of the city, but we’ve found a neighborhood bordering the city called Alphaville that we’ve become rather fond of. It’s a new development, right off the main road (Paralela) with about 30 or so condominiums and high rise apartment buildings. The advantage of this area is that the buildings are new and fresh and there is more property and amenities available in each complex.

Within Alphaville I fell in love with a complex called Alphalife (http://www.alphaliferesidence.com.br/). It’s a complex that has six different eight-story buildings. Everything is of the highest quality and it feels like you’re in a luxurious resort when you walk through the halls. Unfortunately, the apartments sold quickly and we’re still waiting for one to become available.

The amazing thing about Alphalife is that you never have to leave the complex if you don’t want to. It has a huge pool with a bar, outdoor lounging areas, a full gym, gourmet rooms for large parties, a spa, a theatre, tennis/indoor soccer court and so much more. It’s just a 15-20 minute drive from the city, a couple minutes from a huge shopping center, and 10 minutes from the beach.

Fingers crossed that an apartment opens up, but both Marcos and I are confident that this is where we want to live.


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