Tidbits thus far, Day 3

14 Jul
  1. I’m going to have to invest in a comfy pair of heels
  2. It’s fun to play tennis with mosquitos
  3. Mosquito repellant is my friend
  4. Humidity is not
  5. I’m the only one in this town that sweats like a pig
  6. Salvador winters are not cold and I’m scared for summer
  7. I have yet to spot one Brazilian tomboy
  8. Hot showers are a huge mistake
  9. Brazilians love soccer
  10. It’s fun to learn Portuguese while reading subtitles on HGTV shows in English
  11. I’m not accustomed to having a maid
  12. Guaraná Antarctica is delicious
  13. Commercials are way more awesome (even if I can’t understand them)
  14. Brazilians must have a separate fridge to fit an entire cow
  15. Bread & coffee taste a thousand times more delicious
This is the contraption I zap mosquitos with. You have no idea how satisfying it is!

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