I <3 my family

25 May

To me, this feels like just another move to a new school dorm room or apartment. But, this time, my parents wont be there to unpack my boxes. All my life I’ve been blessed to have my entire family just a drive away. Which is why I’ll get teary eyed when my mom isn’t there to decorate my apartment and my dad wont be there drink all my beers when I move in.

We’ll get accustomed to Skype sessions, I’ll rack up my international calling minutes/frequent flyer miles, I’ll update my blog regularly, but all the while I’ll miss my family dearly. This will certainly take some adjustment, but it’s a good thing that my parents love tropical weather and once we get our apartment I’ll always have an extra room (hint hint).

I know how hard this will be on my parents and that’s why I’m so thankful for the unconditional support and love they provide me with. Family has and always will be the most important thing to me. You may find this statement ironic given I’m moving across the world from mine, but I know nothing can or will pull us apart.

This is not goodbye, this is just a new beginning in tropical paradise!


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