Até logo trabalho!

16 May

Since college, my life has been a blur. I immediately began working at Facebook after graduating and during my employment I’ve held 5 different positions in 3 different departments.  I’ve always been planning my next role and career move. Thus, it may come as a surprise when I tell you that I have no job lined up when I arrive to Salvador (insert horror movie scream).

For the first few months I plan on getting settled in Brazil while studying Portuguese. This will be a full time job. If you are familiar with Brazilian Portuguese, you’d know that it’s not the easiest language to learn. I’ve taken a couple classes and gave Rosetta Stone a spin, but the real lesson will be full immersion. I hope to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks!

Once I’ve mastered the nasal sounds of the romance language, I’ll get the career ball rolling once again. I think it’ll be refreshing to have a change of pace, but knowing me, I’ll manage to find a way to keep myself more than busy.

I know I’ll be a little stir crazy without a job, but it’s important that I stay patient while getting acclimated.


One Response to “Até logo trabalho!”

  1. Georgia Caverly May 20, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    I will be here always watching and reading! So jealous but so happy for you! ALWAYS!

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