Goodbye Facebook, but not for good.

11 May

This morning it was announced to my department that I’m leaving Facebook in the end of June. What an amazing ride I’ve had with this company! I was hired in February of 2007 as employee 200. Today, our company has over 2,500 employees worldwide and I’ve been at Facebook longer than 97.2% of them.

At Facebook I’ve had numerous jobs, developed as an individual and businessperson, been blessed with so many amazing opportunities, and last and most importantly, I’ve met life long friends. Chances are it will be impossible to find a career in the future that even compares. There’s no doubt why it’s been voted the best tech company to work for several years in a row.

While it’s a bittersweet goodbye, I have no doubt that I am making the best decision for me and my future. I’ll leave with everlasting memories and heartfelt gratitude after being a part of Facebook and it’s mission over the last four years.

Even though I started a blog and I’ll no longer be working at Facebook, don’t expect my activity level to dissipate on the social networking site. The product, employees, and company will always hold a dear place in my heart!


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